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a376, khujand, tajikistan tajikistan Khujand ,Other Cities in Sughd ,Sughd ,Tajikistan 
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Dushanbe is a city of Tajikistan with 543107 inhabitants, where you can find various dental clinics. But if you want to choose with the greatest security and guarantee of professionalism and competence, choose among the results that appear in Dentistsworldguide.
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a376, khujand, tajikistan tajikistan Khujand ,Other Cities in Sughd ,Sughd ,Tajikistan 
qurgonteppa, tajikistan tajikistan Kurgan-Tyube ,Other Cities in Khatlon ,Khatlon ,Tajikistan 
lenin st, khorog, tajikistan tajikistan Khorugh ,Gorno-Badakhshan ,Gorno-Badakhshan ,Tajikistan 
 phone available. 
prospekt ismoili somoni 4, khujand, tajikistan tajikistan Khujand ,Other Cities in Sughd ,Sughd ,Tajikistan 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
ул. б. гафурова 33а г. душанбе, dushanbe 734064, tajikistan 734064 Dushanbe ,Dushanbe ,Dushanbe ,Tajikistan 
 phone available. 
улица фотех ниёзи 34, dushanbe, tajikistan tajikistan Dushanbe ,Dushanbe ,Dushanbe ,Tajikistan 
 phone available. 
 Website available.
dom pisateley, ismoil somoni avenue 8, dushanbe, tajikistan tajikistan Dushanbe ,Dushanbe ,Dushanbe ,Tajikistan 
 phone available.